Wild & Tender: Empowerment

This weekend is open for both new and experienced dancers.
We will deepen what we started to explore in the workshop in Brno in October 2022.

You are invited to explore in dance the intrinsic harmony between polar opposites:
day and night, man and woman, birth and death, wild and tender. They are not only polar opposites, they also complement and support each other.

In our daily life this means that when we are not connected enough to our presence and our roots in the body, heart and mind, there may be confusion in our life. It is for example difficult to make choices. We are not sure when to take action and when not. And when we are connected with all of our energy and qualities, we feel free to set our boundaries when necessary and trust and surrender naturally to what is healthy and good for us.

March 31 – April 2, 2023

– open dance evening –

FRI, March 31, 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

– a first full day of the weekend –

SAT, April 1st, 11 am – 6 pm

– a second full day of the weekend –

SUN, April 2nd, 10 am – 5 pm


Weekend workshop and open dance evening

FRI, March 31 – SUN, April 2nd

from CZK 2800 to CZK 3800

Online registration allows you to choose your entrance fee

REGISTER ONLINE (workshop + open dance evening)

CZK 4300

Payment by credit card on the spot
(we do not accept cash payments)

Open dance evening ONLY

FRI, March 31, 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

CZK 400

online registration

ONLINE Registrace pouze pátečního večera

CZK 480

Payment by credit card on the spot
(we do not accept cash payments)

Book online in order to guarantee your place at the workshop.
About the workshop

Dance and meditation are beautiful vehicles to support and guide us in the meeting of the opposites. And in this meeting the opposites will melt in each other and become one. We will be learning to move freely from one to the other as easily as possible – we will be learning to become so liquid, so flowing in the dance, and so ready to get wild, as to truly own both poles. This meeting is revealing life as juicy, joyous, full of love and balanced. That’s where dance becomes a meditation and meditation becomes a dance. It is like breathing in and breathing out: when you breathe in there is one movement and when you breathe out the movement is just the opposite. But breathing in and breathing out make one full breath – the breath becomes circular.

When we are rooted in our feet, we are more present in our body, our heart, our mind. And the deeper we are rooted in the body, the deeper we can explore the inner mystery of our dance. On the way we encounter all different patterns and habits – in our movement, and also in our thoughts and feelings. We will dance through the known and unknown layers of ourselves, to reconnect to our authenticity. Dance can be a deep healing journey when we are ready to take a step into the unknown. Dance it, embody it, be it!

Besides dancing, one afternoon we will do the powerful Breath meditation, developed by Naropa as breath is a direct portal to our being.

About Mati

I was trained by Gabrielle Roth in 1998 and since then I have been teaching intensively in Holland and other European countries. In 2004 I completed the Heartbeat training. In addition to the dance training, I have trained with many different teachers in the areas of meditation, tantra, breath and bodywork. Since 2008 I have been deeply connected with Naropa and he has trained me to give breath meditations. I also attended Vipassana retreats regularly during the past ten years.

My love is both in dance and in meditation. Through the years I combine these two loves in a unique way. In my experience dance is such an enjoyable, effortless and direct practice to get into the body and opening the Heart. “I love working in the Heart-space; when we have the courage to let go of the burden, the heart is so rich and full of life, love, bliss and creativity – it is an ongoing adventure.”

Practical information:

The dance place is always available half an hour before the start of the program. It is good to come so that you have time to change your clothes without rushing and get in the mood for dancing. We will support it with soft music.

The weekend workshop will take place in three-hour blocks with a one-hour break for lunch.

You can bring a light lunch with you. We can enjoy the meal together (on the terrace if the weather is good), or you can get lunch, for example, in a nearby café or restaurant. If you like the idea of the joint lunch, we have found it practical that everyone brings something small and we create a wide menu together.

We dance every Thursday

Come dance and connect with your body.
Check out the regular dance evenings in BRNO



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